Tux: The Dark Side (Part I)

devil tux


It’s pretty routine to see the flustered Linux user feverishly banging on CTRL – ALT – DELETE, trying to get his misbehaving Linux box to do something familiar. And then finally giving up and pulling the plug, probably frying his motherboard or corrupting his hard drive in the process. If you ever see yourself (or anyone else) in this pitiful situation, you need to be nice to your Linux box, stop treating it like a Windows one and key in this combination:

ALT – PRINTSCREEN – R – E – I – S – U – B

Note that REISUB is BUSIER in reverse!

Then sit back and watch your system gracefully log itself off and proceed to restart!

This is the first of a series of posts directed to the n00b Linux user just shifted over from Windows.

Image Credit: Izaak

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