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Here’s Something New | Foreheads!

It rings again. I swat it like that last mosquito I clumsily missed, expecting it to stop buzzing. Silence, momentarily. It starts again, while the voice echoes in my head, “Multivitamins.” Buzz. I can’t take it any more.

“Hello, ma?”

“Did you eat your multivitamins?”




“Did you book the tickets?”

“I di…”

She cuts the phone. In the flurry of questions, I wonder why Mamma’s started indulging in so much rhetoric. If I answered one of her questions with a burp, would she notice? My conscience pricks; stabs rather, I would probably be a miserable anorexic lump had it not been for this wonderfully efficient alarm clock. Wouldn’t Mamma be happy if she could stick post-it’s on my forehead for every little thing she wanted remembered? I recall what Mohit asked me once, “If the alarm clock rang at the wrong time, would you throw it away?”

I guess I wouldn’t, with Foreheads just around the corner! This tiny app sits on your desktop, letting you post sticky notes on your “Forehead”. The cool thing is, so can your Mom! Via the internet and a unique Headprint for your Forehead, anyone can post a sticky on your Forehead and watch its status.

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September Rain

The campus in September, 2009.

When the the walkways had to be waded through…

IRC | A Quickie Noobie Guide

IRC and shiny chrome lamps with flexible necks; see the link? Internet Relay Chat, for all practical purposes, is just a big bunch of chat rooms. You’ll first need to connect to one of the many IRC servers; like Freenode (, after choosing a nickname to identify yourself. Then you’ll need to get the list of available chatrooms in that server, and then join!

Pretty simple; here’s a quick recipe on how to bake this cake on Pidgin:
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Hilltop Karting | Verna

To be very frank, karting bores me. Like all repetitive action; running in circles, lifting weights (hypothetically), chewing gum. But this turned out to be like one of those times when you were younger, when you’d spin around until you got dizzy, and do it again and again till you end up with a sick stomach. Verna’s is the most beautiful kart-track I’ve been to yet.

Cost: Rs. 150 per head for 10 laps which zip past before you know it. So look for someone with his/her birthday coming up.

How To Get There: Take a bus from Zari., in the direction opposite that of Vasco.  Catching the bus will take you half an hour if you’re lucky. The journey’s a twenty minute issue, you’ll be dropped at the Verna bus stop.

And Then: Take the road up the hill. It’s a fifteen minute climb straight up and you won’t get a taxi there to lug you around, so do carry a little water.

After Karting: There’s a restaurant downhill with reasonable rates (< Rs. 150 per head), called Woodburne (or something). And any food will taste good after the long climb down!

ध्वनिक आतंकवाद

My Desk

Yeah, that’s my desk. Yes, it’s a calm, peaceful, academically inspiring little cranny in the corner of my room. Yes, that is John Mayer blazing out of my speakers; a feeble attempt at self defence. I cower behind the lens, trying to drown out the sonic pain.

Evolution has its eccentricities; did you ever realise that it’s a different breed of virus that infects you every time you’re down with cold? Not unlike the fashionable virii mucusi, terrorism too seems to be in tune with the trends, the rate of change following a frightening inverse relation to that of Akash Gupta’s bathing frequency.

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