xkcd.pl | Another xkcd-to-local-disk Aggregator

Download xkcd.pl here. Check out the git repository here.

A simple Perl script to rip the entire bunch of xkcdwebcomics to your hard disk. This script is a Perl rendition of xkcd.get() and a number of similar webcomic-to-local-disk aggregators littered all over the web, with a notable difference being the addition of the tooltip as a caption to the downloaded xkcd webcomic image.

Da Vinci Code fanatics looking for hidden sexual references in every cartoon there is and power users dosing on multiple webcomics should probably look for something about which its developers actually care about, like Woofy (for Windows users) or Webcomic Collector (for Linux, Mac users)


  • Perl
  • imagemagick
  • wget

A sudo apt-get <type requirement here> will fix any dependency errors.

Windows users should get the point here; I’m hoping someone else ports this to y’all, it’s really not that big a task. Or you could try Woofy!


  • On first run, downloads all the xkcd comics to date to the user’s HOME directory.
  • Doesn’t re-download comics already present, so it can be run as a cron job thrice a week, fetching only the latest comic each time.(Thrice a week is how often xkcd is updated)
  • Adds the tooltip of the xkcd comic being downloaded as a caption to the image.

What’s the point in creating something that’s neither the first, nor the only one of it’s kind? I guess that’s what open-source is about, taking what you need and adding on to it, giving back what you can, hoping that it’ll be needed elsewhere.

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