Why I’m Now A Pseudo-Buddhist

This might come out as insensitive and immature to those of you who’ve breezed through greater ordeals, but even the smallest triplet of losses in quick succession might have one running for spiritual solace.

A quick blow-by-blow:

  1. Internal hard-drive crash; managed to back up an image to my external hard-drive: May 19, 2011
  2. External hard-drive crash; no, I didn’t back this up: June 16, 2011
  3. Firefox crash; cleared my history, and didn’t restore the 23 tabs I had open: July 6, 2011

I’m now staring at a bare Firefox window; I’ve already tried restarting it twice, hallucinating about my tabs magically reappearing. Just two tabs now: one for this post, and another on The Four Noble Truths:

  1. Life means suffering
  2. The origin of suffering is attachment
  3. The cessation of suffering is attainable
  4. There is a path to the cessation of suffering

Staring at my screen, with flashes of my hard-drives’ last days resonating with the radiation off my chipped spectacles, I can’t help but wonder if Buddha had his share of digital loss.

5 responses to “Why I’m Now A Pseudo-Buddhist

  1. pseudo-religion

    Yo, pseudo-Buddhist, I started what I thought was a religion I started (and only I follow it), because I want spiritual health my own way, I didn’t know whether it was a real religion, I called it a religion but it was worshipping no deities or anything supernatural, and praying to nothing, with one small piece of information on how to be spiritual and shower and add meaning to your life (with Buddhist elements and church music), it’s an agnostic faith (agnostic is not a religion), and it cleans and purifies ritually, with sleeping to music keeping awake at night with decaf coffee, so I guess it’s a pseudo-religion I invented, it was hard to tell if it’s not religion, it’s supposed to be a religion, it even involves being secular in public. Supposed to be healthy as a way of life so yeah, I chose some Tibetan Buddhist meditation in it. Another pseudo-religion is real Christianity: it’s just worship without the faith, it’s not a superhuman controlling power, in actual fact it’s a pseudo-faith, a money making business and not the real thing. However simply saying “you’re to have no attachment” is pseudo-Buddhist, but don’t allow that to let you down, I tried before this “Buddhism” and still had ornaments and valuables, still did sex, drank alcohol, smoked, and used strong coarse language, and took no drugs, was letting go of things, meditated the hippie way (or maybe the pseudo-hippie way), and was a vegetarian eating veg, fruits and nuts, and dairy but no eggs (in a wonderful way), and I read the book “How To Practise” by the Dalai Lama (translated in English) with the subtitle “the way to a meaningful life”, and I read in this book the ten virtues which I applied and avoided doing harm of the ten non-virtues (the same as the virtues subtracted). So it’s very close to Buddhism, and I had the Dalai Lama as my hero (he’s still my leader for good reason), I guess I was following pseudo-Buddhism, however with cults like this (I only followed Tibetan Buddhism) I wanted to go to a Buddhist pilgrimage, I thought it was logical and intelligent, and didn’t mind dressing like a lama (but not a dalai lama). So for some reason I’d like to borrow my favourite Buddhist activities, this might involve no singing or dancing because I would’ve sucked at it, I wanna preserve and build my own confidence, man! And finally my younger brother is a Zen Buddhist or Therevada Buddhist, probably a Theravada Buddhist, which he seems to think is anything like Lamaism, well Tibetan Buddhism is not Mahayana/Theravada Buddhism but the sect of Buddhism of a Dalai Lama. I chose some of the Buddhist things because I like to relax, I like to be good, etc etc, and that, but I’m not letting go, you can forget it, as a whole system the Buddha is wrong and constructive effort shouldn’t be detachment and all that, it’s not all true, but some of it is true, and by my logic my younger brother’s a pseudo-Buddhist, i.e. he has ornaments in the house and he gains money, when the Buddha taught that you don’t need it and I think there’s a positive reason as to why the Buddha said that: because there are serious emotional problems like sickness, ill health, and diseases to worry about that are more important than money, and money isn’t all you should care about, even though some money would do Buddha a favour to have adequate shelter in his house. Yeah that’s it, so pseudo-Buddhism would be meaningful anyway because you can fuck around, be lazy, and interpret the cult the way you want.

  2. Crashplan is my best friend. Get a couple of friends to install it, and it will allow you to set aside encrypted space for them to back up to, and them to set aside encrypted space for you to back up to. 2 or 3 friends running the service and you have a very reliable backup mechanism.

    Runs under Linux, Windows and Mac. Doesn’t require becoming hip to the one button mouse.

  3. Then there was the mac. With it’s wonderful time machine feature, making continual back ups of which ever disks you want it to and letting you restore it back to it’s state at any point in the past. Get a mac. :)

    • Macboy! I want to, but I just ran into System76 laptops, that give me a high-end-Mac configuration for a low-end-mac price! But doesn’t time machine need some external time capsule?

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