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I’m Broke, And Self-Hosted!

Update: This is a bad idea if you’re counting on reliability. Free hosting is, after all, free. So expect frequent downtime of whatever you’re hosting!

Thank’s Rohit, for directing me to x10hosting; I know have unlimited bandwidth, unlimited space, and it’s, would you believe it, for free! Plus I’m running on a free domain. Though there are the more than occasional account suspensions for stepping over the line (which includes trying to back up your entire WordPress blog), it’s the perfect way to try out setting up a server and your own domain before getting looted by some hosting provider. Give it a try yourself, or watch me play around at!

$1 Per Pixel, And Sold Out!

The Miliion Dollar Homepage

The main motivation for doing this is to pay for my degree studies, because I don’t like the idea of graduating with a huge student debt. I know people who are paying off student loans 15-20 years after they graduated. Not a nice thought! – Alex Tew

Here’s Something New | Foreheads!

It rings again. I swat it like that last mosquito I clumsily missed, expecting it to stop buzzing. Silence, momentarily. It starts again, while the voice echoes in my head, “Multivitamins.” Buzz. I can’t take it any more.

“Hello, ma?”

“Did you eat your multivitamins?”




“Did you book the tickets?”

“I di…”

She cuts the phone. In the flurry of questions, I wonder why Mamma’s started indulging in so much rhetoric. If I answered one of her questions with a burp, would she notice? My conscience pricks; stabs rather, I would probably be a miserable anorexic lump had it not been for this wonderfully efficient alarm clock. Wouldn’t Mamma be happy if she could stick post-it’s on my forehead for every little thing she wanted remembered? I recall what Mohit asked me once, “If the alarm clock rang at the wrong time, would you throw it away?”

I guess I wouldn’t, with Foreheads just around the corner! This tiny app sits on your desktop, letting you post sticky notes on your “Forehead”. The cool thing is, so can your Mom! Via the internet and a unique Headprint for your Forehead, anyone can post a sticky on your Forehead and watch its status.

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TODO: Punish Operating System

89% of all video games contain some form of violence. Let’s break convention here, and come to face with another dirty piece of reality, and this time we don’t spare the video-game teetotallers. A glimpse into the average computer user’s psyche would bring up a variety of graphic images; violence, torture, punishment. Not in the sense of the soldiers at Abu Ghraib, but nevertheless, disturbing, surreal fantasies of chaining your computer to a wall, flogging its rear, yelling

“Why don’t you just do what I tell you to!?”

Stop looking around guiltily, this isn’t a sermon about how you need to keep your mind like a garden of fresh flowers. The dark being resides within us all, wishing to control, mindlessly, absolutely. And there finally seems to be an outlet to vent out your frustration, and let loose the demons inside. Enter Petrovich.

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Baby Steps | Beginning My GSoC Research

Most babies take their first stumble a year from the time they’re born. Considering I’ve been programming in some form or the other since the Fourth Grade,  I’m a ten year old just crawling out of his diapers;  it’s never too late to take that first step! After the years of self-learning coupled with academic injections of C and Java, I’ve finally set my sights on tackling the Google Summer of Code challenge, 2010.  A familiar piece of advice given to anyone embarking on the Olympian task of GSoC research is

“Hang out on the IRC.”

Deciding to take this a little seriously, I got IRC working on Pidgin and proceeded to join a few chat-rooms. A few days after the initial excitement had worn off had me wondering what exactly I was supposed to gain by watching sparsely populated public chat rooms buzz with random talk every now and then; when I was presented with a pleasant surprise. 3AM, IST. I’d apparently peeved someone off by my constant joining and leaving the chat room.

“Hey, phoenix”

Apprehensive, unsure of what to do, little did I know that this one hour would lead to enlightenment I’d never experienced to date! Humphrey, a teacher at Seneca, had caught me lurking on a chat-room I now believe was intended for his students. This didn’t stop him from giving me my most practical tutorial on diving into open source software development.

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