Graphy: A First Look

Graphy Screenshot

Graphy is a teaching and learning tool that let’s you visualize graph theoretic algorithms on graphs you can construct yourself. The image above shows one of the graphs we tested Graphy’s step-by-step visualization expertise on; I never thought a depth first search would look that cool. Get Graphy!

$1 Per Pixel, And Sold Out!

The Miliion Dollar Homepage

The main motivation for doing this is to pay for my degree studies, because I don’t like the idea of graduating with a huge student debt. I know people who are paying off student loans 15-20 years after they graduated. Not a nice thought! – Alex Tew

Who Owns Your Code?


“The company owns the rights to all work produced during the term of employment.”

It probably won’t be long before you find yourself looking at something similar in the corporate contract of that big company you’re looking forward to joining. Continue reading

Graphy: Alpha Testing Begins!

the graphy website

Take Graphy for a little walk!

And we mean alpha; which is a polite way of telling you that if you’re nice to Graphy, Graphy might be nice to you. Hey, it’s not going to fry your computer, so give it a try! Post in whatever you’d like to say, ask or complain about in the comments to this post; we’ll compile the frequent questions and complaints into our wiki as soon as we get the time.

Sup, Letux 400

the letux 400 laptop

The Letux 400, a rebranded Skytone Alpha 400. The cool pen-like thing lying next to it is the “Optimal Supplement for the Openmoko Freerunner”. to quote the product brochure. Why?

Thanks Quark 2011!

Update: To my surprise, the “goodie” ended up being one passed through many hands; horribly used, with the spring-latch mechanism of the SD card broken (which means you need to hold your SD card in place to prevent it from popping out), and to top it off, all the documents, settings and other remnants of the previous owner(s) still gracing various folders. It’s still an amazing little, used, gadget. But then again, I guess I should just be happy to get anything in the first place, with the pseudo-nepotism that’s now completely taken the place of meritocracy, even in the smallest of administrative institutions. Sad, really.

The Samsung Galaxy 3, Android, USB and Linux

This is a hack to get the Samsung Galaxy 3 to mount as a USB drive on Linux. For some reason, it doesn’t react to being plugged in to my computer, apart from a meek beep and an indication that it’s slyly sucking power from the USB port.

  1. Disconnect your phone from the computer.
  2. Settings -> About Phone -> USB Settings -> Ask on connection
  3. Settings -> Applications -> Development: Check both USB debugging and Stay awake.
  4. Dial *#7284# to open PhoneUtils.
  5. Set both the UART and USB modes to PDA instead of Modem.
  6. Connect the phone to the computer.
  7. You should now receive some sort of USB notification on your phone; you know what to do from here.

This worked for me! Do post in your comments if it worked for you too, or not.

You may need to change the PhoneUtils settings back to the old ones when using your phone as a USB modem.

pyFreeSMS: A Python API

This is a Python API to send free messages via the many online free SMS providers. It currently works only with 160by2; I’ll add support for Way2SMS et all soon, though I’m hoping people interested in a specific provider will extend this API themselves.

How Will This Help Me?

This is primarily intended for developers looking to send messages from their Python applications. For instance, I’m currently developing an application that periodically checks my passport application status and messages it to me.

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