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Graphy: Alpha Testing Begins!

the graphy website

Take Graphy for a little walk!

And we mean alpha; which is a polite way of telling you that if you’re nice to Graphy, Graphy might be nice to you. Hey, it’s not going to fry your computer, so give it a try! Post in whatever you’d like to say, ask or complain about in the comments to this post; we’ll compile the frequent questions and complaints into our wiki as soon as we get the time.

GraphML With JUNG: Loading From GraphML

This is a follow up to my earlier post on saving to GraphML using the JUNG library. It would make more sense if you browsed through my earlier post before reading this one.

BufferedReader fileReader = new BufferedReader(
                            new FileReader(filename));

You first need to read from your file. This snippet creates a standard Java BufferedReader, which in turn is fed from a FileReader that reads from the file specified by the String filename.

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GraphML With JUNG: Saving Out

This one of two posts I’m dedicating to saving out to and loading from GraphML using the JUNG library. These are two parts of a really good library that lack sufficient documentation.

GraphMLWriter<MyVertex, MyEdge> graphWriter =
                 new GraphMLWriter<MyVertex, MyEdge> ();

PrintWriter out = new PrintWriter(
                      new BufferedWriter(
                          new FileWriter(filename)));

You first need to create your writers. The first line of code creates your GraphMLWriter with your custom Edge and Vertex classes specified.

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