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Graphy: In Studio


A screenshot gallery; click on a picture to enlarge it.

Constructing A Graph
Constructing A Graph

Adding Edge Weights And Capacities
Adding Edge Weights And Capacities

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Graphy: A First Look

Graphy Screenshot

Graphy is a teaching and learning tool that let’s you visualize graph theoretic algorithms on graphs you can construct yourself. The image above shows one of the graphs we tested Graphy’s step-by-step visualization expertise on; I never thought a depth first search would look that cool. Get Graphy!

GraphML With JUNG: Saving Out

This one of two posts I’m dedicating to saving out to and loading from GraphML using the JUNG library. These are two parts of a really good library that lack sufficient documentation.

GraphMLWriter<MyVertex, MyEdge> graphWriter =
                 new GraphMLWriter<MyVertex, MyEdge> ();

PrintWriter out = new PrintWriter(
                      new BufferedWriter(
                          new FileWriter(filename)));

You first need to create your writers. The first line of code creates your GraphMLWriter with your custom Edge and Vertex classes specified.

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